Like Mike for Sheriff The Primary Election is Tuesday March 17, 2020

Like Mike for Sheriff The Primary Election is Tuesday March 17, 2020

Like Mike for Sheriff The Primary Election is Tuesday March 17, 2020Like Mike for Sheriff The Primary Election is Tuesday March 17, 2020Like Mike for Sheriff The Primary Election is Tuesday March 17, 2020

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Mike Varner for Clark County, Ohio Sheriff March 17, 2020

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I am Mike Varner, a Marine Corps veteran running for Clark County Sheriff. In fact, I am the only candidate running for sheriff who is a military veteran. I served in Cherry Point, North Carolina and Futenma, Japan as a military policeman. I learned many valuable life lessons during my enlistment including how to get along with people from all walks of life and cultures. In the military, we do not simply work with people and go home at the end of the day. We live, work, play, and fight together! This is important to you because we have seen what WILL happen when the police are indifferent to police-community relations. Building and maintaining community trust is more than a campaign slogan or mission statement. Community trust is earned through hard work, engaging in the tough questions, seeking fresh ideas, being transparent, and accepting criticism. Police-Community Relations are critical in every community, and I have a proud history of working alongside diverse people while serving in the Marines and as a police officer in Springfield. On day one, James Hall, Vernon Bass, and I will make a difference by working tirelessly to make the Clark County Sheriff’s Office more diverse and reflective of the community we serve.

I served Clark County with the Springfield Police Division for 25 years and was a Police Captain and the Interim Police Chief. I was selected by the city leadership to be the Interim Police Chief from among my fellow captains because of my leadership, ability to work with others both internally and externally, and my unquestionable commitment to community policing. 

I have invested in our community by being the only candidate running for sheriff who as earned a Master's Degree. My degree is in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati with an emphasis in Crime Prevention. This the 3rd best Criminal Justice school in the nation and the best in Ohio. This is important to you because we live in a complex world. Our local problems are connected on a global scale. We all know that drug trafficking and cybercrimes typically have international ties. An entry level college education is not enough for a county of our size and complexity to effectively address these problems. We need an invested leader who has more than an entry level education for sheriff. 

I am the only candidate who is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. This is the premier law enforcement leadership school in the world. It is often referred to as the "Gold Standard" for police leadership training. Less than half of one percent are invited to attend. This is a 10-week leadership program at the FBI’s Quantico, Virginia campus. This leadership school is important to you because it provides advanced modern policing leadership knowledge, global networking, and resources to address problems in Clark County. I am the only candidate with this valuable top tier leadership training.

I am the only candidate who is a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership College. This is a well-respected three-month long leadership course offered by the Ohio Chiefs of Police. This is important to you because leadership is more than just being promoted to the next rank. Leadership is an investment and commitment to our community to always seek the highest professional standards. 

I am the only candidate who has 11 years’ experience in Emergency Management and Emergency Planning. This is important to you because in a crisis, state and federal help can be days away. We need someone who has the leadership, experience, and training to manage the chaos before major resources such as FEMA arrive. I made the investment in our community to receive these critical emergency management credentials. The minimum requirements for first responders are some online and classroom courses offered by FEMA. However, they offer no "real world" exposure to disaster management. I have this expertise through my years of service in Emergency Management.


All three candidates running for sheriff have dedicated our entire adult lives to serving our community. The other two candidates are good people, and I have nothing negative to say about them. However, Clark County faces serious and complex problems. For forty years, we have been on the wrong path. The war on drugs has failed! Miami Vice style policing has divided the police from the community. As a nation, we have wasted more than $1 trillion dollars fighting this war and to show for it -- crime is up, drugs are up, and fear is up. I am proposing the use of Drug Courts, which have been in use in Montgomery County for ten years. These courts have proven 80% effective in juvenile drug court and 60% effective in adult drug court. We need to prevent drug addiction through education, provide treatment for those suffering from addiction, and send violent criminals and drug traffickers to prison. As sheriff, I will be an advocate and a voice for leading Clark County in the right direction and on the right path to reduce crime, drugs, and fear. 

Every time something tragic happens across the nation, we say that the police need more training. I argue that the police have more training than ever in the history of American policing. However, the training is often inferior and ineffective. Our dedicated and professional Clark County Deputies need and deserve better training in crisis intervention, de-escalation, non-biased policing, diversity, and community-oriented policing. I have invested in top tier education and training for myself and joined with a professional management team dedicated to the same professional standards. James Hall has a Master’s Degree in education and Vernon Bass has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services. Together, we will lead the way to enhanced effective training and model the way for increasing education. 

Again, I am the only candidate who has invested in Clark County with top tier education, training, experience, background, and a professional management team, which are essential to effectively addressing these problems. Punching a time clock for decades and just doing the job is not enough investment or commitment. We need a leader who is focused on making Clark County safe for our families and community. I hope that you will consider the qualifications and investments of all three candidates running for sheriff and then decide who is the best qualified and most invested to keep our families and community safe. I am asking you, the voter, to “raise the bar” and vote for me for Clark County Sheriff because the state minimums are too low for our community's serious and complex problems. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Mike Varner

Invested in the Community

Serving The Clark County Community

Mike Varner is a retired Springfield Police Captain and Interim Chief of Police who has worked tirelessly to make our community a safe place to live, work, and visit for 25 years.

Mike Varner has been active in the community since the beginning of his career. Attending and supporting community events throughout his career and not just as a convenience while running for sheriff.

Clark County faces significant and complex problems. Ask yourself, who is best suited to address these problems? Someone with minimal command experience, someone with minimal education, someone with minimal investment in the community? 

Best Qualified Candidate

Mike Varner is the BEST QUALIFIED candidate for Clark County Sheriff.  Mike Varner is the ONLY candidate who has invested in our community with:

  • Master's Degree in Criminal Justice
  • FBI National Academy
  • Police Executive Leadership College
  • US Marine Corps Veteran 
  • 11 years Local Emergency Management Agency
  • 11 years Local Emergency Planning committee
  • 11 years Springfield Mediation Board

Get Involved

Mike Varner needs your support and help to win this race for Clark County Sheriff . Canvassing , word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

Your Voice will be heard!

Mike Varner Raising the Bar for Sheriff


The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county.

The minimum qualifications for sheriff are too low for this important office. Clark County needs a highly qualified sheriff.

Shockingly! -- The Minimum Qualifications for Sheriff:

· High School Diploma or GED


· Two years’ experience as sergeant or above


· Four-year degree in any major


· Two-year degree in Criminal Justice


· Ohio Police Academy Training Certificate

In Comparison

The Typical Qualifications for the Chief of Police in most cities:

· Bachelor's Degree with a Master's Degree expected

· 10 years progressive experience in supervision

· 3 to 5 years’ experience as an Assistant Chief or equivalent

· Leadership Schools such as FBI National Academy

Community First!

Community First means exceeding the minimum qualifications. Mike Varner has personally invested in the Clark County Community through his commitment to "RAISING the BAR" for Sheriff. Mike Varner's qualifications far exceed the minimums in: 

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Training