The best qualified for Sheriff.


Mike Varner's Investment in the Clark County Community


United States Marine Corps Veteran

Mike Varner faithfully and honorably served our great nation as a Military Policeman from 1986 until 1991 in the Marine Corps.


  • University of Cincinnati
  • Master's Degree in Criminal Justice 
  • with an emphasis in Crime Prevention
  • This is the 3rd best Criminal Justice school in the nation!
  • Straight "A" student 
  • Police Executive Leadership College (PELC)
  • FBI National Academy

** The FBI National Academy is "the West Point or gold standard for police leadership education." Less than half of one percent of law enforcement executives are invited to attend this most challenging and prestigious police leadership school.

Springfield Police Division

  • 25 years of service including 11 years as police captain.
  • Commander over Staff Services
  • Commander over Uniform Patrol
  • Commander over Investigations
  • Interim Communications Director (911 Dispatch Center)
  • Interim Police Chief

Mike Varner's Goals as Clark County Sheriff

  • Inferior and ineffective law enforcement training is not simply a "TROUBLESOME ISSUE" in American policing, it is a TERRIFYING CRISIS! We often speak of needing more training for police officers and deputies. The truth is our police officers and deputies receive more training than ever before. Yet, it is all too apparent that the training is ineffective in eliminating biased-based policing and inadequate in teaching de-escalation, compassion, and community policing. I have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the training is exceptional and effective. If elected Clark County Sheriff, I guarantee that deputies receive superior training, which will be forefront in my administration's priorities.

  • I will continuously build relationships and earn trust with all segments of our community. I believe that it is meaningless to simply pass out business cards or proclaim to have an open-door policy, which is inconvenient for many individual’s busy schedules. As Sheriff, I will be in the community making myself available and showing the way for our deputies, building partnerships, and earning trust with stakeholders long before there is a crisis.

  • I am committed to hiring a more diverse workforce that better represents our community. I believe that diversity is not accomplished with a meaningless Equal Employment Opportunity Commission nondiscrimination statement at the end of a hiring notice. In order to have a more diverse workforce, I will make certain that minorities have the opportunity to apply and are made to feel genuinely welcome to work at the Clark County Sheriff's office. I have already taken steps to ensure minority representation in my upper command staff.

Awards and Honors

  • Daughters of the American Revolution Award
  • Two Chief’s Commendations
  • NAACP Officer of the Year Award
  • Military Police Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter
  • Military Policeman of the Month
  • Meritorious Promotion to Lance Corporal, USMC
  • Meritorious Promotion to Corporal, USMC